Our Story

Who Are We?

My Why

A Lifetime in the Making

‘To always see the potential in others, so that we can inspire a journey together’.

Life is a journey, not a destination. And it’s a journey of life that has led me to this point. 

Founded by myself, Anne Weir, in 2021, Loomi Life Ltd is not just a clothing brand but a way of life.

Having had 30 years’ experience in the fashion and sportswear industry, my knowledge and expertise really did help when it came to creating an amazing product, but it’s my passion to help people that is the real inspiration behind the brand.

I love being in the hills and running through forest trails. It’s the space where you get to see things more clearly and where we can encourage and support each other. Running is my therapy and I want to share its powerful benefits with as many people as possible. My goal is to get more people running in nature and provide the best kit possible to help you on that journey.

I hope you enjoy exploring my first season items but mostly, go and enjoy wearing them!


Anne Weir

Simplicity and Versatility

Do More with Less

Simplicity doesn’t mean simple. Everything needs to have a purpose, a reason for being. 

We won’t just make products for the sake of making products, so it all starts with the concept in mind. “What does this product need to do to become everyone’s favourite piece of kit”? Then we figure out how to create and craft it, testing along the way until it’s ready. 

It’s our job to think of all the crazy details so you just get to enjoy wearing them. And it’s our job to do this as responsibly as we possibly know how.

In every fibre

We choose specific materials for their properties and make sure the benefits are durable and long lasting.

How it's Made

We work with responsible manufacturing partners, valuing their skills, capability and transparency.

How It makes you feel

We want you to love your Loomi's, to wear them often and enjoy the experiences for a long time.

Inspired by nature

Sentiment and Practicality

Scotland, the perfect backdrop for all our creative inspiration and the perfect challenging environment in which to test our products.  

Made to endure

A Companion For Life


We want to create products that are like companions, like close and trusted friends. It must feel great to wear and it must last, for the long run! 

Journey together

People are Everything

The most important part – the people. From listening to the needs of our customers, to our partnerships with our suppliers, every person and every business who supports us on our journey and finally to spending time together, experiencing life’s adventures.