About Merino

About Merino

Why Choose Merino?

It's Nature's Own Innovation

Merino wool has a unique DNA that gives it the ability to manage moisture and regulate body temperature, providing the perfect micro climate next to our skin. Merino helps to buffer the uncomfortable effect of overheating and the discomfort associated with wet cling and rapid heat loss. It draws the moisture vapour away from our skin and aids heat loss, and holds up to 33% in moisture without feeling wet. 
It’s a natural fibre that can’t be matched and can’t be replicated and yet not all merino is equal. When choosing a merino that is made to be worn directly next to our skin, it’s important to select the super fine quality and avoid the uncomfortable prickle and itch effect.

Merino wool is naturally odour resistant, so you stay fresher for longer, can wear more and wash less. 

It’s naturally renewable and a merino sheep will grow a new fleece every year.  Wool will also biodegrade, naturally.

Comfort is everything, so when you’re active in nature or fleeting from one busy task to the next or simply resting up, you can rely on our Loomi Merino Products to give you an all day comfort experience.


Our merino journey with the Suedwolle Group

After many rounds of real life testing and selecting the most comfortable and most durable product, we landed with the Suedwolle Group for their innovative yarns and their commitment to corporate social responsibilities, sustainability and progressive research and development. They are aligned to our vision and product concepts and their research and development team support us with developing the right solutions and yarn combinations that meet our needs. They also supply our yarns as a stock support service so we don’t have to over produce.

In every Fibre

We choose specific materials for their properties and make sure the benefits are durable and long lasting.

How it's Made

We work with responsible manufacturing partners, valuing their skills, capability and transparency.

How it Feels

We want you to love your Loomi's, to wear them often and enjoy the experiences over a long time period.